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Email Parsing


  • Email Piping
    Piping is a method of getting emails from your mail server into our products. Unlike the POP account functionality, where the product will periodically check your mail server for new emails, the PIPE functionality will cause your server to forward the emails as soon at it receives them. To...
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  • Email Parsing With POP Accounts
    You can add POP accounts for the help desk software to retrieve emails from, and treat as support tickets. Go to Administration > Email Parsing: Add a new account by providing all of the necessary information: When finished adding, click the "Test" link on the main...
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  • Email Filters In Version 3
    Email Filters (sometimes referred to as "site filters") from version 2 have been changed in version 3. Automation handles this now. Automation allows you to control the flow of the software, by specifying what actions occur as a result of conditions being met. What we'll do is capture incoming...
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