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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Help Desk software.


  • Does SupportTrio API support .net technology for using API library?
    Our API is made to accept form POST and to output either serialized array, XML output, or JSON serialized object. Your application should support these in order to be able to communicate with our API. The API is accessible via HTTP(S), so CURL or similar fetch method should be used to obtain...
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  • How can I change the sort order for fields on the support ticket form?
    Go to Administration -> Settings -> Ticket FieldsUse the top left dropdown bar to select the department you want to change the order of ticket fields for.   In this example we selected General using the dropdown.    Now that you see dotted lines by each field it means that the fields are now...
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  • How do I add a Signature to my ticket posts?
    In order to add a signature login to the software and click on Your Account at the bottom.Then Click on Your Info at the bottom of the screen. and there you can set up Signature
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  • How do I apply user fields to email templates?
    You can insert custom fields to your email templates or email notifications by clicking on Personalize on the Visual Editor screen when you edit templates.   For notification emails simply go to   Administration -> Settings -> Notification Messages     Click on Edit by one of the...
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  • How do I change the Email that gets sent out through the Help Desk?
    Email Notifications as well as modifying the subject line, from address, and the content contained in the email notification is handled by automations.   First Go to Administration -> AutomationsFind the automation that applies to your notification. In this example we will modify the email...
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  • Receiving Email Notifications Can Not See Ticket
    When logging into the help desk ensure that you are using a ticket view that includes the condition the ticket was submitted under and that the user you logged in has access to the department that the ticket belongs to.Login as the absolute admin Go to Open Tickets -> Add & Manage ViewsEdit the...
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  • Some users cannot upload images, but the main admin can?
    In Active Campaign Help Desk, there are a couple of different places where users can upload images for various uses within the software. If the software is installed on your own web server, and you have created additional user accounts within the system, you may have run in to a common problem...
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  • Where can I get a copy of my invoice?
    For invoices visit: http://www.supporttrio.com/support/manage.php
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  • Why is the software running slowly?
    If the software is installed on your own web server, and you are experiencing problems with slow performance, there could be any number of reasons for this. The important thing to remember is that our software will function as best it can within the environment in which it is installed. In general,...
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  • Your software is telling me to run updater.php!
    There are three reasons your software may prompt you to run updater.php:   1. Something has changed on your server.   You would be prompted to run updater.php if the domain name, IP, server name, or directory in which the files are installed has changed. If this is the case, you will likely see...
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