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Troubleshooting SupportTrio

Detailed solutions to common problems.


  • Additional Requirements & Required Server Settings
    Some features will not work properly without the following: GDLib: GD Lib is a graphics library included with PHP. However, it is not mandatory, and some PHP installations may not have it available. ActiveCampaign software uses GDLib to generate charts and graphs. These features will not...
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  • Smarty Compile Problems
    We have had a couple of clients who had issues with Smarty throwing out the message:Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /path/to/installation/of/supporttrio/admin/functions/smarty/Smarty_Compiler.class.php(270) : regexp code on line 6Fatal error: Failed evaluating...
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  • Satellite Desks Error - Could not create the folder for compiled templates
    SupportTrio has a powerful feature called Satellite Desks. Basically, it allows you to open a number of "desks" which you can customize independently from classic public pages. You can restrict access to Departments when adding tickets, to KnowledgeBase categories, etc...But, in order to work,...
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  • Troubleshooting crons
    Your server's cron settings control a number of important advanced functionalities of 1-2-All which require automatic action. If you are experiencing problems with scheduled mailings or autoresponders not being sent, bounced mail not being retrieved, with e-mail subscription or unsubscription...
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  • Trouble uploading files
    If you are encountering file uploading trouble, first try uploading a small text file. If that does not work, ensure that (file_uploads) is turned on in your php.ini and you have no file upload limitations on your server.If you can only upload small files and are unable to upload any larger files...
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  • Email Piping with Cpanel
    In the Email Management Tools section, you should find a link labeled "Aliases / Forwarding". Click that link. Click the Add Forwarder link that should show on the following screen. You'll be given the option to enter an email address, to the right of which is an arrow and a text box that...
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  • Email floods (looping) in SupportTrio
    If you wish to avoid a situation that SupportTrio starts sending itself some emails thus creating a loop that clutters the queue, you should apply some rules in your SupportTrio configuration:1. Your admins must not have the same emails as your Email (POP3) Accounts. What happens then? SupportTrio...
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  • Database Backup and Restore
    Database backup is needed in case the updater process fails for some reason at any point. If we have that backup (database dump), we can revert your old data, fix updater (or data, depending on what failed), and run updater again. Once updater has successfully ran, you can delete that dump, since...
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  • What to do if SupportTrio is running slowly
    By far, the most common reason that SupportTrio's performance suffer and begins to run slowly is that its database has grown too large in size for your server to handle efficiently.SupportTrio stores a lot of information. For example, every time you submit a ticket by email, SupportTrio will parse...
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  • Fetching Emails from GMail Servers
    NOTE: In order to be able to use this, your PHP needs to have "openssl" extension loaded.ActiveCampaign products can fetch emails from GMail-based servers as well. However, in order for this to work, your server will need to have a SSL extension compiled within PHP. Once you ensure you have that,...
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  • SupportTrio creating duplicated tickets
    Is your SupportTrio install parsing the same emails every time your POP3 cron job script runs? SupportTrio's email parsing feature is designed to work with email piping simply because in that case every single incoming email is parsed separately and discarded right away. POP account support is...
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  • Optimizing MySQL
    Below are some suggested optimizations for MySQL servers that host our software. For MyISAM tables: bulk_insert_buffer_size=32M join_buffer_size=4M key_buffer_size=128M max_allowed_packet=32M query_cache_limit=4M read_buffer_size=1M read_rnd_buffer_size=2M sort_buffer_size=8M table_cache=128...
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