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SupportTrio creating duplicated tickets

Is your SupportTrio install parsing the same emails every time your POP3 cron job script runs?

SupportTrio's email parsing feature is designed to work with email piping simply because in that case every single incoming email is parsed separately and discarded right away.

POP account support is provided as a fallback method. Via POP3, SupportTrio will connect to the server and fetch the number of emails it has preset for that account. It will parse all those emails and delete them from the server's inbox. However, due to the nature of POP3 protocol, no emails are actually deleted from the server until the connection is properly closed.

In case a large email arrives, and your PHP script cannot handle it (memory limit, time limit restriction, etc), it will cause SupportTrio cron job to fail, thus never deleting that, or previous emails from the server. Every time SupportTrio connects, it tries to parse the same emails for that reason. If your cron jobs are set to run rarely, and your Flood Control is off (or not strict enough), new tickets will be created from the same emails.

In order to fix this, you should reduce the number of parsed emails per run, and run a pop3 account manually directly from SupportTrio until it passes that big email. If SupportTrio cannot even parse that one single email, then you will have to handle that email manually via your other email client (or web mail interface). After that, SupportTrio should continue to work without any problems.

Are you receiving notifications about multiple tickets created from an email message, but no ticket IDs are found in the system?

If you are receiving two ticket notifications containing different ticket IDs, and only one of them can be found in the system, you This type of error usually ocurres if you move your SupportTrio to a new location (url, or path). In that case, the old copy of SupportTrio has probably not been removed from the old location, and the old cron job (or email piping) was never removed. What happens in this case is that two installations of SupportTrio are reading the same email, and both installations independently are creating tickets from it.

This usually happens if you have email piping setup, since in that case an email can be forwarded to more than one script (in POP3 case, first SupportTrio copy should remove the emails, unless the second copy's cron runs at the same the first cron does.

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