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E-mail parsing and message filters

SupportTrio's powerful e-mail parsing capabilities extend the organizational strengths of this full-featured helpdesk system to include your e-mail based communications as well.

Under Settings->Email Parser, you can enter access information for as many individual POP e-mail accounts as you would like SupportTrio to work with. SupportTrio will then monitor these e-mail accounts for new messages and automatically pull all messages found in the accounts into its ticketing system.

In order for SupportTrio to perform this function automatically, you will need to configure your web server's cron jobs according to the instructions in the Cron_Setup.txt file in SupportTrio's "docs" folder. These instructions are as follows:
  1. Set permissions of the cron file to be usable via cron.
    Chmod cron file to 755

  2. Ensure that the first line of the cron file is the location of php on the server. 
    Default first line entry on this file is:
                 #!/usr/local/bin/php -q
                 The /usr/local/bin/php should be the location of php

  3. Add a cron job to run the cron file as often as you require.
    Suggested times for running cron:
            cron_pop.php         every 5 or 10 minutes
            cron_utility.php    every 24 hrs
            cron_ports.php        every 30-60 minutes
If you are unsure how to set up cron jobs, you can find basic instructions in our knowledge base article on the subject. For help setting up cron jobs, you'll need to seek assistance from your server administrator.

Each e-mail message that SupportTrio retrieves in this way will be added to a ticket within its own ticketing system. Messages related to existing tickets are recognized based on the ticket number which SupportTrio adds to the subject lines of all incoming and outgoing messages. New tickets are added for messages not associated with any existing ticket.

When adding new replies to an existing ticket, SupportTrio's advanced parsing system automatically detects and clips out the quoted portion of the original message. Because different e-mail clients and systems include this quoted text in a variety of formats, SupportTrio allows you to add and edit the formats that it recognizes as separations between the new message and the old. SupportTrio comes pre-loaded with the most common settings, and so will be able to automatically detect these message breaks out of the box. If you find that a certain client  or clients use mail software with a unique way of doing this, you can add in message break settings to accomodate by going to Settings->Email Parser->Email Message Breaks.

Incoming messages can be automatically routed to specific departments or even  assigned to specific users through the use of SupportTrio's E-mail Filters. E-mail filters can be set up to perform these actions based on which POP account the messages have arrived in, or based on the content of the message subject or body. This is done in Settings->Email Parser->Email Filters.

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