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Upgrading SupportTrio

You can check to see whether your copy of SupportTrio is up-to-date by going to Settings->Check for Updates. We are constantly improving SupportTrio, so if you experience any problems this is a good place to start; the problems you're experiencing may already be fixed.

If you find that there is a newer version of SupportTrio available, then log into your support center account and download the latest version of the software. You will need to choose between the Zend Optimizer and the Ioncube version of our software. The simplest way to check which version you're using already is to log into your FTP and go into the SupportTrio directory. If you see a folder there called "ioncube", then you are using the Ioncube version of the software and should continue doing so. Otherwise, go for the Zend version.

Please perform a complete backup of your SupportTrio files and database before continuing.

Next, you will need to unzip the installation package on your local computer and log in to your FTP server. Before uploading, make sure that the FTP program you are using is set to upload in binary mode only. Most FTP clients will try to automatically detect the transfer mode that is need. If you allow this automatic file-detection to occur, your software installation will not work correctly. Once you have configured your FTP client appropriately, upload all of the installation files right over the existing files. Your settings and data are stored in the database, so overwriting the existing SupportTrio files will not affect these things. If you have modified your templates, it is advised that you compare and test them in new version, and change them if necessary.

The next step is to set the necessary file permissions. It is recommended that you set all file permissions exactly as described in the Setup.txt file included with your installation files. To set the permissions for a file or directory, simply locate the file in your FTP file browser window and right-click it. Depending on the program you are using, you will see an option called "Set Permissions", "chmod", "Set File Attributes", or something similar. You will probably see something similar to this:

For each file or directory, simply set the numerical value to the one prescribed here. In case your FTP client does not offer you the option to type in the numerical value:
  • To achieve a value of 777, all of the permission boxes should be checked
  • To achieve a value of 755, all of the boxes should be checked except for the "Write" option for "Group" and the "Write" option for "Public" or "Other".
If you are using a Windows server, your permissions will work somewhat differently, and additional steps may be involved. It is highly recommended that you have a qualified Windows server administrator on hand for the SupportTrio installation process if this is the case.

The needed permissions are as follows:

  • /tt/modules/KB/image, CHMOD 777
  • /tt/cache, CHMOD 777
  • /tt/cache/admin, CHMOD 777
  • /tt/cache/public, CHMOD 777
  • /tt/cache/avatars, CHMOD 777
  • /tt/desk, CHMOD 777

The final step is to run the updater script by accessing it from your web browser, which is in your SupportTrio installation's "admin" folder and is named updater.php. Enter your serial number to activate your license and complete the upgrade.

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