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Directory permissions and security for our downloaded products

The downloaded versions (that you install on your own server) of our software (particularly Email Marketing and Help Desk) require that certain directories have permissions for scripts in our software to read/write/execute.

On a Linux server, this typically means to CHMOD the directories to 777. Some may perceive this as a security flaw, allowing any application or process to write to that folder. It's not, in fact, an issue with our software. It's only a security issue if your server is not set up properly, in regards to permissions and ownership of files.

The directories within our software that are full read/write/execute are still safe as long as the permissions for any other application running on your server prohibits interaction with our software files.

This is also applicable if you are on a shared hosting server - only the users that have access to log in to the server, and view our software directory will have access to the files and folders.

However, If you do notice a security exploit has been made through our software (by using our scripts and code), please let us know as soon as possible, so we can investigate and fix.

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