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  • How to Build a Widget
    ActiveCampaign products are web-based software applications written in PHP programming language. Some have support for Widgets, or standalone mini-applications that can run in designated areas of ActiveCampaign applications. Anyone with a knowledge of PHP programming can write their own widgets for...
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  • How to Install a Widget
    Widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within the designated sections of ActiveCampaign products. To obtain widgets, consult our article on where to find widgets. The procedure to install a widget in ActiveCampaign products that support widgets is simple: unpack the...
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  • What are Widgets?
    Widgets are mini-applications written in PHP that should be placed within the application installation folder in order to be accessible by the system. Once installed, a widget can be added to designated widget bars of that application on Widgets page, usually located under Administration or...
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