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Some users cannot upload images, but the main admin can?

In Active Campaign Help Desk, there are a couple of different places where users can upload images for various uses within the software. If the software is installed on your own web server, and you have created additional user accounts within the system, you may have run in to a common problem where no users other than "admin" can upload images in to the system anywhere, such as within KB articles, their user signature, within ticket posts, etc.

If you are experiencing this problem, it is most likely due to a file permission or user permission problem on your server. Below is a basic explanation for this common problem. We recommend that you forward this article to your server administrator for further assistance.

Basically, when someone installs our Help Desk software on to their own server, the software is usually uploaded to their web server using an FTP account, or through some other means of connecting to the server and transferring files. When this happens, several new folders and files are created on the server.

The specific folder on your server that all uploaded images are saved to is called "images." Within the images folder, there is a separate folder called "admin" -- all of the images that the default "admin" user uploads will be stored in this folder. The images/admin/ folder will always be created during the original installation process, when you are uploading files. When you create additional admin user accounts within the software later on, the software will try to automatically create additional folders within that images folder for each of those users. For example: if you create a new admin user called "acptest", the Help Desk software will also automatically create a new folder called "acptest" on your server, within the images directory, and so all of the pictures that user "acptest" uploads will be saved in to the images/acptest/ folder on your server. 

The images folder, and all folders within it, should be set to have full read/write permissions (CHMOD 777) on your server. This is usually done during the initial installation process through an FTP account as well.

However, with some server configurations, folders that are automatically created by the web server itself (such as images/acptest/, for example) have different read/write permissions, or will have different "ownership" rights on the server, than the folders that you created through FTP while installing the software (such as the images/admin/ folder). Because these folders have different file permissions/rights, the software cannot actually upload files in to the new admin user's image folder.

Usually this is because the new folder was created by a different user account on your actual server. When you first installed the software, the images/admin/ folder was probably created by your FTP user, whereas the images/acptest/ folder (for example) was probably created by a user called "Apache" or "IIS" (depending on your web server environment). You should contact your server admin and ask them to investigate this issue and see why the folders that are created by scripts residing on your web server cannot be written to.

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